You’re invited on an amazing once in a lifetime trip to Africa during the Great Migration. Check out the details below and contact me for more information [email protected]

JULY 18-26, 2019

  • Optional Orphanage Service Project (July 14-18)
    Optional Mount Kilimanjaro Climb (July 26-31)
    With Andy Nash, Bernie Anderson, & Licensed Local Guides


Sunday July 14 Overnight flight from home airport to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Monday, July 15 Arrive Kilimanjaro International Airport. (Most flights arrive evening.) Transfer to Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge. Supper and overnight in Arusha, Tanzania.

Tuesday, July 16 Daily breakfast, worship, and mission orientation. Load and depart
for Small Steps for Compassion orphanage projects. Daily lunch provided. Evening return to hotel for
supper and overnight.

Wednesday, July 17 Breakfast, worship, and departure for SSFC orphanage projects. Evening
return to hotel for supper and overnight.

Thursday, July 18 Breakfast, worship, and departure for SSFC orphanage projects. Evening
return to hotel for supper and overnight.

Friday, July 19 Breakfast, worship, and departure for SSFC orphanage projects. Finish projects and meet Safari group Friday afternoon at Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge near Kilimanjaro Airport. Supper, worship, and overnight.

[Arriving Safari Travelers]

[Thur., July 18 Overnight flight from home airport to Kilimanjaro.]

[Fri., July 19 Arrive Kilimanjaro International Airport. Transfer to Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge and join group. Supper, worship, and overnight.

TANZANIAN SAFARI: The Great Migration

Sabbath, July 20 Daily breakfast and Sabbath worship with full group. Load and depart for Tarangire National Park, a paradise for bird and animal watchers. Almost everything about Tarangire National Park has the potential to enthuse. Perhaps you’ve just spotted a rare tree-climbing lion or caught sight of a leopard as it races across the savannah. Maybe it’s the iconic and fantastical baobab trees. Or it could also be the dancing zig-zag of running zebras and the pounding hooves of wildebeest. Hundreds of animals and at least 550 bird species populate the park, thanks to the abundant Tarangire River – an inescapable draw for these thirsty nomads.. Daily supper and overnight at Ngoro Ngoro Farm House.

Sunday, July 21 Ngoro Ngoro Conservation Area. Today we swap the savannah’s scrub brush for the lush plains and sapphire waters of Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Ngorongoro Crater, the massive epicenter of a collapsed volcano and the world’s largest inactive and intact volcanic caldera. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this incredible reserve promises unequalled access to 25,000 animals, including the mysterious Big Five. This picturesque crater is often called “Africa’s Garden of Eden” and for good reason: almost every species of wildlife present in East Africa can be found here. An afternoon tour takes you into the heart of the conservation area, in search of African elephants, troops of playful monkeys, and the critically endangered black rhinoceros. Scan the savannah for lions stalking their prey or train your eyes on Lake Magadi, home to thousands of lesser flamingos. Supper and overnight at Lake Masek Tented Lodge.

Monday, July 22 The Serengeti. A hearty breakfast prepares you for a voyage back in time. The spectacular Serengeti is one of the world’s most famous wildlife sanctuaries, and is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa and one of the Ten Natural Travel Wonders of the World. The scenic Serengeti, Maasai for “Endless Plains,” is home to three million large mammals – the largest and highest concentration of wildlife in the world – as well as vibrant habitats, as we discover on our afternoon game drive. Supper and overnight at Melia Serengeti Lodge.

Tuesday, July 23 The Serengeti. We bump over the plains of the Serengeti, searching the rippling grasses and towering acacia for cheetah, gazelle, African elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards, and African buffalo. For two days, we’ll trek over these endless acres – every day, you’re treated to a morning game drive and full-day game viewing – in search of Tanzania’s most famous and most elusive. Supper and overnight at Melia Serengeti Lodge.

Wednesday, Jul 24 Serengeti to Lake Eyasi/bushmen. We chase the sun into the Serengeti with one goal in mind: Africa’s Big Five. These five imposing animals – the African buffalo, African elephant, black rhino, leopard, and lion –were once considered the toughest and most dangerous game on the continent. Today, they are among the most sought-after sights on an African safari. Mid-morning takes us out of the Serengeti into a land populated not only by tall grasses and boundless plains, but by a sparkling lake so thick with flamingos it appears pink at a distance. A place where toothy hippos wade into blue waters and dichromatic zebras weave in and out of dense bush and sun-dried savannah. Welcome to Lake Eyasi, where we will explore the culture of the Hadzabe tribe, who live and hunt in the bush. Supper and overnight at Ngoro Ngoro Farm House.

Thursday, July 25. Departure. Load and depart for Mount Kilimanjaro Airport. Arrival at 3:00 p.m. for flights departing after 5:30 p.m. (Most flights depart between 5:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m)

Friday, July 26. Arrive home with lifetime memories of The Great Migration.


Thursday, July 25 Transfer to Kilimanjaro.
Following Safari, load and depart for Mount Kilimanjaro. Supper and overnight at starting point of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Fri., July 26 Machame Camp. We’ll transfer to the Machame Park Gate (5,950 ft), register with the park authority, and begin our climb through the lush forest. Trekkers will likely hear the many exotic birds in the canopy above, and may even see black and white colobus monkeys and sykes monkeys as they hike along the knotted roots and mud on the forest floor. We’ll continue on to some heath land before reaching our overnight camp at Machame Camp (9,850 feet, 6-7 hours of walking), just above the forest zone. The trek is quite long, but not steep.

Sabbath, July 27 Machame Camp to Shira Camp. Today’s segment of the ascent will continue across beautiful heath land and alpine moorland with magnificent views of Kilimanjaro Peak. We begin up the steep track through a savannah of tall grasses, and trees of Giant Heather and Erica. Scramble around large boulders as you enter the moorland zone, marked by lobelia and senecio plants, and volcanic rocks draped with lichen beards, which protect wild alpine flowers growing at their bases. We’ll overnight at Shira Camp (12,600 feet, 5-6 hours of walking).

Sunday, July 28 Shira Camp to Barranco Camp. We’ll draw nearer the peak as we get closer to the Lava Tower. The trek becomes a bit more strenuous as the trail steepens on the approach to the lava Tower, a 300-foot tall volcanic plug that marks an exposed pass at 15,000 feet. In the afternoon, descend the steep track into the Great Barranco Valley. Barranco Camp is set on a col (flat area) enclosed on three sides with steep valley walls and the Kibo massif itself. Hanging glaciers glint in the sunshine above, amidst the eerie landscape of plants such as the giant groundsels (Senecio Kilimanjari), and the uniquely endemic Giant Lobelia.Then we slowly ascent to our overnight stop at Barranco Camp (12,950 feet, 5-6 hours of walking).

Monday, July 29 Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp. We’ll trek up through the Karanga Valley—the trail turns steadily uphill, following the lava ridge to the Barafu camp. The temperature will grow colder and the landscape more sparse as we near Barafu Camp. Barafu Camp is set on a small, exposed flat area on a ridge, acting as a base camp from which you will make your summit attempt at midnight tonight. Barafu camp (15,200 feet, 6-7 hours of walking).

Tuesday, July 30 Barafu Camp to Summit to Mweka Camp.
Just after midnight we start a challenging trek(12-17 hours of trekking). We’ll begin trekking at noon passing between the Rebmann and Tarzel glaciers to the rim at Stella Point. The temperatures range from just below freezing at midnight to between 10 deg. F (-12 deg. C) to –10 F. (-23 deg. C) just before dawn at the summit. As dawn nears, we’ll summit at Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa at 19,340 feet. Uhuru will be the culmination of, and the reward for, 6-7 hours of strenuous hiking. We’ll then descend back to Barafu Camp, resting for a while before continuing our descent to Mweka Camp (9,840 feet, 3-4 hours of walking on the descent).

Wednesday, July 31 Mweka Camp to Park Gate, transfer to Arusha. We’ll make our final descent to the park gate, a walk of about 3 or 4 hours. After bidding our farewells to our guide and porters, we’ll drive to Mount Kilimanjaro Airport by 3:00 p.m. for flights home Wednesday night. (Most flights depart between 5:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.)


1. Pre-Safari Service Project
July 14-18, 2019 (Flight departs July 14)
Cost: $600
Includes: simple lodging, transportation, meals.
Focus: For our four-day service project, we’re teaming up with Small Steps for Compassion, an Adventist-led ministry, to do construction, maintenance, and children’s programming/nurture at a local Tanzanian orphanage. Interested medical professionals may have the opportunity to do clinical work.

2. Tanzanian Safari: The Great Migration
July 18-26, 2019 (Flight departs July 18; Flight arrives home July 26)
Cost: $3490/person (dbl room); $3415/person (triple); $4490/single; $2990/child 3-12 (with 2 adults)
All-Inclusive: lodging, transportation, meals, sightseeing and admissions, gratuities.

3. Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb
July 25-31, 2019
Cost: $2750
All-Inclusive: lodging, transportation, all meals, sightseeing and admissions, gratuities.

Schedule Options: Travelers have a menu of options for this trip. They can choose to do one, two, or all three activities. Travelers choosing to participate in the Small Steps for Compassion service project can then continue onto the Safari and/or Kilimanjaro Climb. Travelers not participating in the service project can arrive for either the Safari or Kilimanjaro Climb. The Safari will be led by licensed local guides, along with hosts Pastor Bernie Anderson & Andy Nash. The Kilimanjaro Climb will be led by licensed local guides, and is very strenuous.

Roundtrip Flight: est. $1300-$2000/person. Travelers will fly from their home airport to Kilimanjaro International Airport. Most flights depart from the U.S. in the evening and arrive at Kilimanjaro the following evening, Major carriers include Delta/KLM, United, Turkish, and Qatar Airways. Upon arrival, travelers can take the provided airport shuttle to our nearby hotel. Following the trip, travelers will be returned to the airport.

Special Focus—God’s Creation: Africa 2019 will celebrate God’s wondrous creation. While the Safari and Kilimanjaro Climb are led by licensed local guides, the mission project and gatherings will be led by Andy Nash & Pastor Bernie Anderson, with devotionals centering on God’s creative touches found in nature. The tour will be limited to about 50 people. Safari groups will travel in Jeeps holding 4-6 passengers each and stay in beautiful lodging camps/lodges for times of great food and fellowship.

Registration and Deadlines

To hold space on this tour, email your full name and contact info to [email protected] Your space will be held for 10 days pending receipt of your $500 nonrefundable deposit. The deposit is deducted from your final tour payment due. Make deposit checks out to “Tabgha Tours” and mail to Andy Nash, 8139 Roy Lane, Ooltewah, TN 37363. Questions? Call Andy at 423-298-2141.

Feb. 10, 2019: Final tour payment due.

July 2019: Depart for Africa.