I understand what it means to be stuck in a cycle. Typically it goes something like this: trigger, ritual, acting-out, shame. On and on it goes until you’re left feeling defeated and hopeless. One of the most powerful things to experience in those moments is authentic community with a confidant and someone who can give guidance on breaking out of that cycle.

To that end, we offer pastoral, Biblically based consultations and coaching for men and women as well as couples working through the impact of porn/sexual addiction. We also work with couples planning to get married to help them prepare for life together. It is not psychotherapy as much as it is Biblically based, principled guidance, on relationships, marriage, and recovery.


Rates for a one-time 50-minute consultation are $65.

Ongoing Coaching Plans

Multiple coaching session plans include a weekly 1-hour face-to-face video meeting, daily access via chat app, tailored action plan with clear objectives, and goals, and weekly homework assignments to help you make progress.

*Available plans: 3-Session plan $195, 6-Session plan $360, 10-Session plan $600.

Pre-marital Coaching

Preparing for a life together with your significant other is crucial. In 3-4 sessions, we’ll work together to discover more about you and your potential spouse and your potential for success in marriage. Sessions can be done via video conferencing as well. Premarital coaching plans include 3 sessions for $150 plus fees for Prepare-Enrich assessment. If more sessions are desired, the hourly rate of $65 applies.
Payment for services is required before or at the time of consult or coaching session.

Please submit a confidential INTAKE form on this page.

Mandatory Reporting of Abuse

In accordance with Florida law, we are required to report to the appropriate authorities OR third parties the following:

  • Any information leading to suspicion or knowledge of the physical or sexual abuse or neglect of a minor child.
  • Any information leading to suspicion of knowledge of danger to a third party.
  • Any information leading to suspicion or knowledge of suicide of a client seeking spiritual coaching through Lifted Life.

NO insurance payments are accepted.

Terms & Conditions

I am seeking spiritual counseling and biblical guidance. I recognize that Bernie Anderson is a Christian pastor who adheres to a Biblically-based philosophy of counseling and guidance. I have read and understand the mandatory reporting section of this form. I’ve also read and understand the payment policy section of this form. I understand that my pastoral counselor is not primarily clinically trained and provides coaching and consultations based on professional experience as a pastor, personal study, and some guidance from professionally licensed counselors and therapists.

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