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bernie-andersonThis space is where we talk about the beauty of God’s grace to lift us out of dark places. Particularly the deadly shadows of porn and sexual sin. I pray that we all come to understand that porn doesn’t measure up to the deepest desires for intimacy that reside in you. Porn is weak, impotent, and mindless. It lacks substance and those who fall under it’s spell come to resemble a hollow shell. We were all meant for more. We know life outside of the pit of sin and death is the destiny we long for, are meant for, and can achieve. Take courage. Porn doesn’t have to remain a prison for you. A new day of freedom and passionate wonder await anyone willing to take the journey.

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January Seattle, WA
March Gentry, AR
Elmira, NY
May Salt Lake City, UT
June Dallas, TX
September Kenya, Africa

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