During a presentation to a group of parents recently I was asked what the absolute first thing I would tell a young guy to do so that he can maintain sexual integrity in today’s culture. Terrific question. Well, here’s the answer! Download and use X3Watch NOW!

Here’s the thing, if you struggle with porn or even if you don’t, one of the places we’re all vulnerable is online. To stay accountable online I use X3 watch from xxxchurch.com. Since I’m constantly online using my iPhone 6 plus I have it installed there. It works!

Over 1 million people have downloaded this FREE accountability software since 2004. My friend Craig Gross and the team at X3Watch have written some great posts about how X3Watch can help you understand just why it should be a part of your recovery plan. Click here to check out what they’ve written.

Here are my five reasons YOU should start using either X3Watch or the Premium version that is well worth the cost.

  1. Removes the “cloak” of ANONYMITY. Here’s the thing. People seem to lose all inhibitions when online and alone. So there are things you do, say, and look at that you wouldn’t do if someone was looking over your shoulder. X3 Watch is that “friend over your shoulder” that keeps you from being anonymous and destructive to yourself and the people who love you.
  2. Reminds me of my PURPOSE. When you lose sight of just why the good Lord put you on this earth there’s a tendency to stray off into all kinds if nonsense.

     It means that before you’re ever tempted online you’ve determined that you’re not going to let online porn be an escape in moments of weakness.

  3. MOTIVATES me to resist the urge. Yep, it’s true, we ALL get urges, longings and desires. That’s appropriate and normal. The question becomes how we deal with them when they come up.

     It reminds me that I’m not alone and I have someone else pulling for me. It’s HIGHLY motivating.

  4. Lets my wife know I’m SERIOUS. If you’re a dude who is trying to win back his wife then you need to understand that she’ll respond more to your actions than your words. If you download X3Watch and start using it she’ll see that you’re serious about getting FREE and staying FREE. She’ll see that you’re serious about leaving your secret, online sex life behind. That’s awesome for her and she just might stay around!
  5. IT’S FREE! Need I say more? Click on any X3Watch link in this post or logo on my site for more info.