Breaking the Silence

For years, he lived a secret life. A respected pastor, husband, and father, Bernie Anderson battled behind closed doors with pornography and sexual addiction. Exposed to pornography early in life, he was held captive by the addiction until he allowed God to transform his life. It is a problem not often spoken about in the Christian community, yet pornography and sexual addiction are devastating countless Christian homes. To help others avoid it or break free from its stronghold, Anderson tells his personal story a story of torment, hope, and the God who changes lives. Offering insight, encouragement, and resources, Breaking the Silence boldly reveals the truth about this addiction and how you can protect yourself and your family from the dangers of pornography.
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Coming out of “Retirement”

Hey friend! My story is I've been running for personal growth and recovery (Bernie Anderson) the last 8 years. It's been an incredible journey that has [...]

When You Can’t Shake the Ache

Let me confess a particular irritation with God. For some of you I'll come across sounding like an immature believer whining about how hard [...]

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